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school in-house coaching

This is a fabulously affordable way to offer pupils positive psychology coaching in-house. Essentially, I come to your school once a fortnight (for example) for 8 hours of work. During that time, I see eight pupils individually - preferably in a dedicated space. I charge the school directly, who are free to present this to parents as an in-house benefit.

happiness audit

I go into organisations and use a series of positive psychologists' tools and measures, as well as my own well-honed techniques, to assess the level of "happiness" in the workplace. I then produce a report and a series of cost-effective, practical solutions to improve staff satisfaction, retention and overall productivity.

Group coaching

I am available to run small group coaching sessions for up to five (5) teens. This makes coaching a more affordable option for parents and caregivers. It isn't advised for very specific individual goals but works well for generalised concerns: self-confidence, friendships, etc.

Key note speaker

Over the years, I have been invited to present on all manner of topics. Nowadays, I prefer to speak to women with autism, inclusion in the workplace, happiness at work and bullying in the workplace

1-2-1 Coaching

I offer 50-minute sessions, mostly online, for individual clients. My hours are flexible, so we can very easily find a convenient time for our sessions. I do not advocate more than 24 sessions in total. Coaching is not designed to replicate ongoing therapy or replace psychotherapy or other talking therapies. We will always have an end goal in mind - conceived and implemented by you.

school workshops

I offer a bespoke one-day workshop that acts as a mini-course in positive psychology. I like to schedule these in at least a term in advance, so I can prepare something truly personal and catered for their age.

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