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Finally getting your diagnosis of autism can be met with mixed emotions. And what if you are still waiting? Or, there is simply no way you can see yourself going through the assessment process, but you are coming to terms with your self-diagnosis?


We know there is very little accredited and qualified support available to help you adjust to this new identity.


Are you a late-diagnosed autistic person looking to embrace your unique strengths, unlock your full potential, and find happiness in every aspect of your life?


My mission is to empower you to thrive in a world that may not always understand your neurodivergence. As an autistic (AuDHD) woman myself, I believe that being autistic is a remarkable gift. I am here to help you harness your strengths, overcome challenges, and lead a fulfilling life guided by positivity and self-acceptance.


My coaching sessions focus on fostering optimism, building resilience, and cultivating a mindset that promotes personal growth and well-being. No two autistic individuals are alike, and neither are their journeys. I work closely with you to create a personalised coaching plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations, ensuring that your progress is meaningful and sustainable.

Don't let your late diagnosis define your limitations. Embrace your uniqueness, unlock your potential, and lead a life filled with positivity and purpose.


  • Online positive psychology coaching and mentoring for late-diagnosed people

  • One-day in-company workshops on autism and neurodivergence in the workplace

  • Online and in-person training on neurodiversity and autism (areas of interest: Academia, Higher Education)

  • #ActuallyAutistic writer, speaker and advocate

  • Equity and inclusion consultancy for HRM



I went into coaching just as "life coaching" was taking off. I was determined to train rigorously and follow the path of positive psychologists like Robert Biswas-Diener, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Barbara Fredrickson, and Martin Seligman. I did not want to be a "life coach"; instead, I wanted to specialise in applied positive psychology using coaching techniques to support autistic people. I have experienced counselling, therapy, CBT, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis - and even though they all have their distinct place in the seasons of our cognitive and emotional life - positive psychology coaching was what resonated with me the most.

I have an MSc (Merit) in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. I am also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and The British Psychological Society. I combine my coaching with teaching and consultancy projects. Prior to embarking on my Master's degree, I had an international career spanning over two decades in Media, not-for-profit and Education. I speak fluent Portuguese and good French and have lived and worked across the Continent of Europe for much of my life. I have worked for and collaborated with illustrious pan-European organisations such as UEFA, the European Commission, the European Union Youth Orchestra & The British Council.

I am a Lead Trainer for the National Autism Trainer Programme run by AT-Autism and Anna Freud (Anna Freud is a world-leading mental health charity for children and families). I also work for the Centre for Research in Autism and Education at University College London.

I am a qualified teacher and have years of experience in the independent schools sector. As well as group sessions with Prep/Junior pupils, I also have ample experience coaching Years 5 - 9 online (aged 9/10 upwards).


I use my experience and research alongside my understanding of positive psychology to support clients for short periods of concentrated, goal-oriented psychology coaching. 


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By emailing me, you are not committing to anything at all. We usually arrange a free introductory call lasting about 15 minutes to answer your pressing questions and to see if we "connect" well and can work productively together.

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