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As positive psychology coaches working with teenagers and young people, we understand that developing confidence is a trusted mission. We take children's wellbeing extremely seriously. And, in that regard:

We believe that:

  • children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind;

  • we have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practice in a way that protects them.

We recognise that:

  • the welfare of children is paramount in all the work we do and in all the decisions we make;

  • all children, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation, have an equal right to protection from all types of harm or abuse;

  • some children are additionally vulnerable because of the impact of previous experiences, their level of dependency, communication needs or other issues;

  • working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers, and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare.

Anyone collaborating with Betterness Manifesto and working with children must carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. We are very happy to provide access to our clients.


This policy was first written on 01/04/2020.

This policy was revised for the first time on 16/07/21.

This policy was subsequently revised on 12/11/22.

This policy was subsequently revised on 23/05/23.

This policy was subsequently revised on 30/03/24.

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