“Charlotte has been a great support for me over the last three years. She is truly curious and passionate about her work, and this shines through at all times. Her open-minded and reflective nature has enabled me to see new perspectives, new opportunities and find new hope. Thank you. The need for ‘The Betterness Manifesto’ is evident, globally, and Charlotte’s commitment to this project will ensure that it reaches its potential. I look forward to watching the positive ripple effect this will have.” - Charlotte Wiseman

"Charlotte has a sense of humour and honesty that energises a room. She is unique in her coaching style and whilst she puts you at ease immediately, she can challenge and lead you into an honest, useful and enlightening view of yourself. She is aware of your energy across a room and has a rare insight and empathy that fills you with an instant trust. This enables you to share openly and honestly and opens up a coaching dialogue to propel you forward and have a deeper awareness of your beliefs and values." - Kim Carr

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